Active Resonance

Active Resonance

The current state of the universe is a collapsed probability field which flows continuously to the next most-likely state. This field is continuous.

As it flows, it creates resonant turbulent pockets. Some of these resonant turbulent pockets resonate locally, and stabilize via resonance cascades. Due to the continuous nature of the field, these pockets, even with their local resonance cascades, are coupled to the rest of the field.

a turbulent pocket

The resonant structure of these pockets influences the entire probability field, and become more likely to persist as the field flows from state to state. Like a whirlpool in a rushing stream.

Past some threshold of increasing stability based on resonance cascades in a pocket and self-reference caused by holonic coupling between the the pocket and the rest of the field, we move from passive resonance that merely continues its state until it collapses back into the probability field to active resonance, where the turbulent holonic pocket has stabilized enough self-reference via resonance cascades that it becomes an active resonator.

The active resonator doesn't merely hum some shape in the probability field as energy passes over it. The active resonator has a model of reality. The active resonator is a tuneable waveguide for the universal probability field. The active resonator's coupling with and modelling of the rest of the field enables it to influence the probability field.

an active resonator influencing the probability field

It does this by stabilizing an attractor which seeds a resonance cascade which transduces through the rest of the field which, via its coupling with the active resonator, influences the most likely next step of the universal probability field via entrainment.

That is, intention causes the universe to act such that will is brought about. Your ability to model and act towards an intention summons that intention. You're like a wand waving the entire universe.

This is mundane, but incredibliy sensitive to subtlety. You choose to do something and do it. As you pursue some goal, your environment picks up on the fact that you're trying to get somewhere and responds. Much of this is other people responding to the signals you send out and adjusting accordingly, but there's some part that's literally entrainment of the universe to your will via the losslessly subtle influence you have on all of reality via the nature of the universe being a continuous probability field.

You are, as an active resonator, literally a resonator with a complex topology that acts as a tuneable waveguide to change the way that the rest of the universe is resonating in such a way that brings it into alignment with your intention.

a complex topology influencing the universal wave function

It's like you're a pinched off part of a loop that hums at one frequency that influences the rest of the loop to also hum at that frequency. It's sympathetic resonance all the way down, baby.

That said, if your resonator has a bunch of parasitic drain, or other little resonators within it that are causing dissonance instead of contributing to the song of existence you're trying to sing, you'll likely find that your attempts to tune reality to your intention fails, or comes back polluted in some way, as if you've made a wish to a particularly mischievous djinn.

parasitic drain as misaligned sub-resonators

This likely means you're going to need to spend some time tuning your resonator. Either by untangling trauma resonators, or massage, or meditation, or yoga, or self-reflection, or journalling, or therapy, or dance, or whatever helps, really.

As you tune your resonator, you'll have lower transduction losses when you attempt to influence reality via intention. Your capacity to entrain the rest of reality increases as you tune your resonator, which makes it easier to tune your immediate environment, which makes it easier to tune the rest of the universe.

At the asymptote, it might even feel like you're not doing anything, merely a conduit and/or witness to the unfolding flow of the universal wavefuntion, the song that hums iteslf into being.